I know. This page is going to look muddled to outsiders. For now, it’s just a place for me to dump some links to things I am learning about the relationship between acetyl-l-carnitine and depression, lipid metabolism and mitochondria (so that I can share all this with my study group friends).

A long time ago Benjine told me about how important cholestrol is to our health, and how cholestrol deficiency can really mess us up (yay, I eat eggs); but I didn’t understand the mechanism; and I do also know that too much of certain types of cholestrol can mess us up as well. Cholestrol sulphate. I think I was supposed to learn about cholestrol sulphate, because sulphates are important antioxidants… but these days my head is like a sieve used to sprinkle icing on a cake.

So, first the pop-sci article about how low cholestrol is linked to misery:


Next the article that would suggest that the very thing that you may want to take for misery, viz. acetyl-l-carnitine, may make you even more miserable if you overdo it, because then it could lower your cholestrol too much (unless, of course, you have too-high cholestrol):


The hypothesis about how l-carnitine interacts with lipids:


And finally, a bit about carnitine homeostasis:


Warning (as with all my other study notes): my study notes are, well, study notes. Don’t trust me yet. I may be barking up rosebushes and calling them trees.