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We make choices based on our understanding of concepts. My Concepts posts deal with abstract and complex concepts and with the axioms, tenets, paradigms, principles and values enmeshed with, derived from and inherent to them. 

Evidence-based autism therapy: Evidence of what, exactly?

Evidence-based autism therapy: Evidence of what, exactly?

Photo by Alexandr Podvalny (edited)

Evidence-based! Evidence-based!

Somewhere along the muddy highway of history, evidence-based became the buzzword for selling “autism therapy” — even though the evidence for some of the best-known “evidence-based therapies” is rather thin.

But what if we said that therapy must necessarily also be “trauma-informed”, “autist-approved” or “human rights based”?

How many of the therapies offered by the multibillion dollar “evidence-based therapy” industry would qualify?

Perhaps we would be working with a whole new set of emerging evidence.

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