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We make choices based on our understanding of concepts. My Concepts posts deal with abstract and complex concepts and with the axioms, tenets, paradigms, principles and values enmeshed with, derived from and inherent to them. 

Facing our current (surrea)lity

Facing our current (surrea)lity

Photo credit: Gary Bendig


If you’re feeling fragile today, and nervous about the state of the world, and frazzled at the thought of what the more extremist revolutionaries in the 4th Industrial Revolution are up to, then this may not be a good day to read this article.

I’m not being deliberately clickbaity, I mean it. It’s rather discombobulating and sad, and it calls for a paradox of steadfastness and flexibility.

But if you think you can face our surreal reality, go ahead and read Seth Godin’s article, The End of Reputation. You’ll have to face these facts sooner or later anyway.