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Why and how to prepare for a COVID-19 pandemic

Why and how to prepare for a COVID-19 pandemic

This is fairly long, but you should read this and share this right about now. This is not fearmongering and conspiracy stuff. It’s pure pragmatism.

You can’t prepare when the pandemic is here; that’s not preparing, that’s reacting, and those are different actions.

The article is about why preparing is necessary, and how you, an ordinary citizen, should prepare for the pandemic, including some habits to work on now.

Oh, and if you are thinking that the quarantines and bans are there to stop the spread, and you’re not bothering to read the article because of that, then you definitely should be reading the article now.

My new art site

I've owned the domain alphabetania.com for ages, and I have also had a matching Twitter account for a long time too, but I used it as a private hiding space for years. Recently I decided to whip up a site, purge the contents of my Twitter refuge, open the padlock, and...

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I've temporarily disabled that page because I can't handle the flood of personal messages which I have to deal with as a result of having put this out there. I had too many people wanting my one-to-one attention before that, and...

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From Zekwande Mathenjwa to President Ramaphosa

Today Zekwande Mathenjwa, a 12-year-old non-speaking autist from Pretoria, took a major step in his journey as an autistic advocate. His words (communicated by Spelling to Communicate) were read at the Office of President Cyril Ramaphosa of South Africa by Vicky...

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