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How much do psychologists know?

How much do psychologists know?

This morning, on Twitter, someone posted this:

You are at work and have to run a meeting. A traumatized little is frontstuck and you have 12 minutes to calm them down. #DIDNightmares (Based on a harrowing true story)


I wondered whether the average English-speaking psychologist would even know what that means. I do know for sure that it takes a beyond average one to help a client develop strategies for situations such as these.

How much would a psychologist who’s living life largely away from social media understand of the person’s Twitter bio, and why those terms are in there?

A bunch of cats in a thirty-something DID coat, learning to thrive. Agile coach, pinballer, novelist, gaymer, visually impaired, they/she/he

The Arcades @10CatsIn1Coat

Are you in touch with patient communities, and learning from them?

The innocent revenge of Mary’s body

In 2011 one of my friends died after a long chronic illness, and an assault which exacerbated it all. She had sarcoidosis and some other illness which specialists could not figure out, and later also tuberculosis (picked up from a little street kid who slept on her...

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Gestures and glances

I have never met an autistic person who uses a letterboard or keyboard to communicate saying that they were happier when they were only using a few gestures and glances. Parents who deny their children the right to develop the motor skills for communicating in full,...

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