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My Diary is my catch-all category for posts that don't fit neatly into one of the other categories.

What’s up

What’s up

Oh wow, it’s been nearly a year since I posted anything here! I think it’s mainly because this blog interface has become unwieldy, and needs a cleanup, which I am not prepared to do right now. That doesn’t mean I’ve been offline, though. I’m on several social media platforms, but the two where I am most active are Facebook and Post.

On my Post page, I focus mainly on the rights of nonspeaking autistic people (hashtag #ListenToNonspeakers), my art, my hat collection, South Africa’s international relations, and support for Ukraine’s defence against Russia.

On Facebook, you’ll find me contributing to several autism-related groups and pages (the main one being the Facebook page of the Autistic Strategies Network). I now also have a dedicated art page. Here you’ll find progress pictures as I build my portfolio for two books and an exhibition.

The innocent revenge of Mary’s body

In 2011 one of my friends died after a long chronic illness, and an assault which exacerbated it all. She had sarcoidosis and some other illness which specialists could not figure out, and later also tuberculosis (picked up from a little street kid who slept on her...

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