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I don’t want her to be dead. Of all the deaths this past year, this one hurts the most.

She will be so missed. She was so much more than her work. It was how she was with everyone. She was so kind. She was so good. She really was a good person.

Many famous people died in the past year. This is different. Not only did so many people know her, but she knew them too, and that’s different. And she cared about them all.

I look like snails were here for a meeting. My face is covered in tears and my sleeves are laced with snot.

Read these, they are all true.

My new art site

I've owned the domain alphabetania.com for ages, and I have also had a matching Twitter account for a long time too, but I used it as a private hiding space for years. Recently I decided to whip up a site, purge the contents of my Twitter refuge, open the padlock, and...

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I've temporarily disabled that page because I can't handle the flood of personal messages which I have to deal with as a result of having put this out there. I had too many people wanting my one-to-one attention before that, and...

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From Zekwande Mathenjwa to President Ramaphosa

Today Zekwande Mathenjwa, a 12-year-old non-speaking autist from Pretoria, took a major step in his journey as an autistic advocate. His words (communicated by Spelling to Communicate) were read at the Office of President Cyril Ramaphosa of South Africa by Vicky...

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