Photo by Parker Whitson (edited)

Sensory dysfunction is very complex. Sensory dysfunction occurs [periodically], making it even more complex and difficult to assess effectively.

Benjine Gerber

My project is limited to the first step in the treatment of sensory overstimulation. However, please don’t think you can effectively treat it by just giving electrolyte supplementation forever. Electrolytes in the body fluctuate. You could overdo it, and you may imagine you should give more, when in fact you may have to give less, or give something different at a certain time. If you stop learning about these things, you could be endangering someone’s health. Simply giving someone electrolytes doesn’t solve the underlying problem which causes electrolyte dysregulation.

There are other very important steps which need to be done as well, besides just supplementing with magnesium and potassium. Here is a simplified list (quoting Benjine again):

  1. Support cholinergic neurotransmission
  2. Reduce histamine and phenolic toxicity
  3. Address electrolyte imbalances caused by these factors
  4. Address any metabolic breakdown
  5. Shift amygdala sensitisation focus to neutral/positive
  6. Address genetic channelopathies and dysfunctions

So now I need to ensure that I understand enough of each one to be able to explain their relevance!