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Tania Melnyczuk
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T o optimise a system means to make the parts work together as well as possible to achieve the aims of the system. My motto, Optimise, applies to my endeavours as an educator at ProjectManagement.co.za and to my technical work for Marius Cloete Moulds. The motto of the Autistic Strategies Network, which I started in 2014, is Optimise autism.

I fail often.

I created this blog out of frustration with my morbid inefficiency. I have the knowledge and the will to save lives, and I succeed up to a point. But I often waste time retyping the same snippets of vital information on social media.

Here I can share study notes along the way, not only when I have finally written a peer-reviewed paper or edited a video to a professional standard.



I write about systems thinking, education, design, autism, molecular and cell biology, and changing the world.  I also write about Project Management at the ProjectManagement.co.za site.

I share what my friends do to that makes a difference. Many of them are  disabled or chronically ill. Sometimes I ask for money to help them.

I create pictures and designs, and I overuse the Oxford comma.

I drew this thing in a meeting.

There are more in my Sandbox.


We make choices based on our understanding of concepts. My Concepts posts deal with abstract and complex concepts and with the axioms, tenets, paradigms, principles and values enmeshed with, derived from and inherent to them. 

My Diary is my catch-all category for posts that don't fit neatly into one of the other categories.

My Study Notes record what I am learning. They're mostly about molecular and cell biology. They reflect my knowledge and understanding at the time, and are subject to extensive revision.

In my Sandbox you'll find doodles and design experiments. Some of them wait here to be moved to a more formal gallery.