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My Study Notes record what I am learning. They're mostly about molecular and cell biology. They reflect my knowledge and understanding at the time, and are subject to extensive revision.

My first Glossary entry: autosomal-dominant

My first Glossary entry: autosomal-dominant

Johann Walter Bantz

Vir die eerste keer sedert ek vir myself hierdie lat gepluk het, slaan ek na wat ‘n ding beteken en ek verstaan dit sommer maklik!

When I first tried to define autosomal-dominant for myself using my best guess, I had a feeling that it had something to do with inheritance, but I got distracted by parts of the word and went off on a completely wrong path. Today I looked it up and (unlike my horrible fistfight with convoluted explanations of bicistronic genes) I was able to comprehend what I was learning with ease.

I promised myself that I would not enter anything into my Glossary until I actually truly believe that I understand it, so at last I am ready. Here is my personal definition of autosomal-dominant

There’s a slight chance that I’ll need to clean up my definition after defining gene, cistron, locus and allele, but I think I am off to an OK start.


Bicistronic genes… ummm!

Bicistronic genes… ummm!

Here’s the challenge: I now need to understand what cistrons are. I know what loci means, sort of. It means ‘places’. But, having looked up loci, I see that it has quite a specific meaning in genetics.

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