Woah, what a serendipity!

And on second thoughts, that sounds like a deliberately clickbaity title, so let me contextualise this immediately.

My homework for Project K requires me to explain (inter alia) why hypomagnesaemia must be dealt with if we hope to treat hypokalaemia, which causes sensory overstimulation. And I have to include citations.

Tony Breu is the Director of Resident Education at the VA Boston Healthcare System, and a member of the faculty at the Center for Bioethics at Harvard Medical School. I follow him on Twitter. I just happened to be online when he dropped a whole thread on exactly this, including references! How cool is that?

I also realised from his thread that I would have to learn more about ATPase, because although I have known for years that ion channels are essentially proteins, I haven’t known the detail of how they work exactly to provide the music for the magnesium-potassium waltz.

Click the link to see the full thread…