I suspect that I know the autistic woman who wrote this horrific account of personal and systemic abuses. Her name is not mentioned, but I think I have spoken to her many times.

I know that there are people who would like to have ABA implemented throughout Africa, and for the government to fund it and mandate it for autistic children. We will fight and fight and fight to stop that process, which violates the UN Convention on the Rights of People With Disabilities. In South Africa, Ilana Gerschlowitz of Star Academy wants medical insurance funding to pay for this human righs violation. She’s setting up meetings with the decision-makers. She wants this for autistic children. She has called on parents to go to war against autism. She is at war against us.

The events in this true story took place in the USA. Tell me that you will never ever let this happen in your country. Tell me that you will stand with autistic people against the implementation of ABA.