study notes


and the body

  • Tony Breu is doing my homework for me!
    My homework for Project K requires me to explain (inter alia) why hypomagnesaemia must be dealt with if we hope to treat hypokalaemia, which causes sensory overstimulation. And I have to include citations.
  • Phosphatidylcholine, acetyl-l-carnitine and magnesium for managing bipolar states
    I am developing a hypothesis for the management of bipolar states through the supplementation of phosphatidylcholine at the onset of a manic phase, and acetyl-l-carnitine at the onset of a depressive phase, to even out the peaks and troughs. The full regime would involve a low-carbohydrate medium-fat diet and ad hoc magnesium supplementation.
  • Action potential and ion channels in axons
    I just learned a whole lot about how neurotransmission works.
  • Basic anti-depression shopping list
    Circumstance is forcing me to publish this prematurely — circumstance being that I come across so many people who have reached the end of their tether after years of depression and failed treatment.
  • Electrolyte dance partners
    Electrolyte dysregulation plays a key role in sensory overload. Electrolytes act as agonists and antagonists to one another, like dance partners.
  • What do you take for ADHD?
    I have ADHD and besides a low carbohydrate diet, some of the most important things for me, are...
  • Magnesium deficiency
    Do you have leg cramps, constipation, insomnia, headaches, anxiety, eye twitches and sensory overload?