Photo by mostafa meraji

I wrote this seven years ago to the day. I don’t think this is exactly what I’d write if I had to say something on the topic today (I’m more radical now), but for what it’s worth, it was a part of my journey.


If you want your child to lead a normal life, don’t expect me to help you. Jesus was constantly criticised for his choice of friends, his lifestyle was completely different from that of mainstream society, many people didn’t undertand what he said, his family thought he was a bit mad and he was allegedly so physiologically abnormal that he actually got up after flatlining for three days.

A meaningful life does not depend on your ability to triumph over adversity to become normal, but to triumph over adversity to love and live and die so that others may become inspirers and friends.

And ultimately, to unite those who do not even like you, in love.