Photo by Peter Hershey

When an international group of autistic people were looking for an African or South American country to host the world’s first International Autistic Summit in 2020, I recommended Kenya first and Ghana second.

Both were immediately rejected by the autistic organisers, because it is illegal to be homosexual or transgender in Kenya and Ghana, so by hosting there, many delegates, including the event leader, would be excluded.

Please consider this when choosing a host city for an international event. There are countries which would require you to exclude delegates based on their gender or sexuality. Are you prepared to have your event in such a country, now that you know?

The Pan-African Congress on Autism is an event organised by non-autistic people. In 2019 it was held in Kenya, and in 2020 it will be held in Ghana. The International Autistic Summit is being organised by autistic people, and South Africa has been chosen as the host country for 2020.